New HoldIt Hand Safety Tool helps avoid hand related safety issues while striking objects.

LHR's HoldIt Hand Safety Tool is cleverly designed to help hold striking wrenches, large diameter pins and other objects to keep the worker’s hands away from potential impact. The tool helps extend the reach of the worker so their hands are out of harm’s way.

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Quality Safety Products

Established in 1983, LHR Services and Equipment, Inc. is a Houston-based safety equipment company that supplies industry-approved safety equipment products to clients in the energy, engineering, petrochemical, marine, and offshore and onshore oil & gas exploration, drilling and production industries. We distribute health, safety and environmental equipment from leading manufacturers and compliment their high standards with our commitment to excellence and proven track record of exceptional service. In addition to our product offerings, we also provide testing, repair and recertification services to help our clients maintain and prolong the life of their equipment.

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